Women’s Self Defense Class, Registation Now Open

Registration is now open, don’t miss this opportunity.  The class is only offered a few time a year.

      A 3-week Woman’s Basic Self Defense Class will be offered on Saturdays 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at ABQ Self Defense April 12th to April 26th.  The goal of the class is to teach women basic awareness and basic self-defense skills.  This class is for women and is taught by women.  ABQ Self Defense is located at 9911 Southern Blvd SE unit F (near Eubank & Central).   To register for the class go to www.ABQselfdefense.com  or call 505-294-6993.   The class fee is $65 for 9 hours of instruction.  Groups of 3 or more pay $55 per student.  Participants must pre-register prior to April 5th.  Call now to Take Control of Your Life!!!  Space is limited and this will be the last session offered this year.

     The physical techniques are easy to learn.  Students will learn to prevent assaults, identify dangerous situations, and effectively
fight back in life-threatening situations.  This is NOT a martial arts class.   Due to the nature of the topics discussed the minimum age for students is 13 years old.  Students should wear comfortable loose clothing suitable for exercise.