Taiko Japanese Drumming classes

Taiko Drumming is a fun physical activity.  We are always looking for new students to join our dojo.  Please come try a class for FREE.  No experience necessary.  Classes are fun and energetic!

Taiko is great for creative expression, learning group cooperation, improving physical fitness, improving self-confidence, improving hand eye coordination, de-stressing and cultural awareness. And of course just to have fun! Taiko is also music.

All classes cover basic taiko knowledge, including taiko history, taiko terminology, and drum info.  In addition, students will learn:

  • Kuchi shōga (Japanese phonetic system for “pronouncing” the sounds of drums)
  • Kihon (the basic techniques of Japanese martial arts)
  • Kata (choreographed patterns of movements )

Beginning Kids Taiko classes Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30pm, cost $32 per month plus Tax
Beginning Adult Taiko class Wednesday 6:40pm – 8:40pm, cost is 60.75 per month plus Tax

Onetime start-up fee for all classes: $20 (includes reusable hearing protection and a beginner packet)
Send us an email at Taiko@BKWoW.com and we will reserve a drum for you.