Happy July! 15 years!

Happy July! Bushido Kenkyukai celebrates 15 years this month. Time has flown by.  We have grown from a room in a community center (portable dojo) to a large facility.   We have been blessed with wonderful students, families, friends, neighbors, and benefactors.  So much has happened in 15 years.

There have been 3 facilities, multiple landlords, a Van. We have suffered a variety of hardships like roof leaks, vandalism to our van and our facility, plumbing issues, air conditioning failures, to health issues, and the toughest part, the passing of friends & family.

We have also had the joy of watching children grow up, graduate, get married, and have kids of their own. It has been a great joy to have a child you instructed bring you their significant other, their spouse, their child for you to meet. As a Sensei you feel like an adoptive parent.  No matter what their age they all become your children.

I have personally had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students that have past through our facility. A few were only around for a day or a few weeks for special workshops/training while many others have been with me for years.

I feel very bless and very grateful. I hope for many more years to come.


  1. Gallegos, 5th Dan

Head Instructor

Bushido Kenkyukai