“Introduction To Taiko Japanese Drumming” class August 12th

The next “Introduction to Taiko” class will be held Monday August 12th from 7:30 to 9pm.  This is your opportunity to learn Japanese Drumming.   Taiko simply means “great drum” in Japanese and has taken on the meaning of the art form.  The class will cover basic taiko knowledge, including  taiko history,  taiko terminology, and  drum info.  Students will also learn:

  • Kuchi shōka(Japanese phonetic system for “pronouncing” the sounds of drums)
  • Kihon (the basic techniques of Japanese drumming)
  • Kata (choreographed patterns of movements )

Please register by August 6th to reserve your space.
Cost : $5
Location: BK Taiko Dojo 9911 Southern SE Unit F (near Eubank & Central)
email Taiko@BKWoW.com to signup