BK Taiko to perform at Isotopes Game

Bushido Kebkyukai’s Taiko group will be performing Friday May 26th at the Isotopes Game. BK Taiko is performing from 5:15pm to 6pm as part of the Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration. The group can be see as you enter the 3rd base gate at Isotopes park.

Asian American Pacific Islander Month honors the history, achievements, and struggles of Americans with Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. Originally established as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week in May of 1979, Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month was first observed as a full month in 1990 and officially established in 1992. The month of May was chosen due to its significance as both the month during which the first Japanese immigrants arrived in the United States in 1843 and the month of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 by mainly Chinese immigrant workers.