10 Years of Taiko Japanese Druming

Bushido Kenkyukai Taiko celebrates 10 years this month. Time has flown by.  We have been blessed with wonderful students, families, friends, neighbors, and benefactors.  So much has happened in 10 years.

There have been 2 facilities, multiple landlords, a Van, performance tours throughout NM, school performances. We have suffered a variety of hardships like roof leaks, damaged drums, vandalism to our van and our facility, plumbing issues, air conditioning failures, to health issues, and the toughest part, the passing of friends & family.

I have personally had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of students that have past through our facility. A few were only around for a day or a few weeks for special workshops/training while many others have been with me for years.

I feel very bless and very grateful. I hope for many more years to come.  Thank you to our fans and supporters!


Anita Gallegos,  BK Taiko Group Leader