Learning To Be Still

With our fast paced world, being still, calm, focused is a skill many adults as well as children need to work on.  Attending a class or meeting, taking a test, driving, or a medical exam/test are a few examples in everyday life that require being still and focusing.  To be still in the mind is to be calm. To be still of the body requires self discipline.

The structure with which martial arts are taught teaches students to control their mind as well as their body. Karate teaches students to focus and calm their mind so they can improve their skills.  The technique they are learning at that moment are the main concern. They are taught to be aware but ignore what is beyond their immediate space and concentrate on the task at hand. This teaches you to focus.

Etiquette is an important component of martial arts. It has been said that “Karate begins and ends with respect” (Gichen Funakoshi, the father of modern Karate). As part of the respect of others, students are required to be quiet/still while another student or the instructor is demonstrating techniques. Also with the Sempai/Kohai relationship, or order of rank, you must learn to wait your turn which requires you to show respect and self discipline. All these take practice.

Traditional Karate goes beyond punches and kicks teaching students valuable life skills that aid the student in any aspect of life whether they are a child or adult. Learning to be still is one of many benefits of a traditional Karate program.

Bushido Kenkyukai’s head instructor started training in Karate as a teenage and credits the strong traditional training as a having a huge impact on Gallegos Sensei’s career & success in life. “No matter how old I am or what my physical abilities are i will do it forever one way or another. I can’t imagine my life with out Karate,” said Gallegos Sensei

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