2021, What a year

At the beginning of the year we all thought 2021 would be better and we would be back to normal, sadly that is not quite what happened. We still have restrictions, health orders, and mandates but at least we have been able to use our facility instead of virtual classes. It has been tough but 2020 was harder with no in person, no use of facilities, no contact. I’m grateful that we are training in our dojo and that many of our students were able to come back. Sadly many other martial arts schools did not survive. Our progress forward has been slow but at least it is forward.

2021 brought some pleasant surprises as well. Several students from the past came to visit, which was a treat. Dear friends were brought closer together. There was more appreciation for the dojo and each other. Back to basics became more precious. In person performance and demonstrations are slowly coming back. More students continue to trickle back in.

Bushido Kenkyukai is open and holding in person classes. We are taking new student and have free trial class available. Performance & demonstration are being scheduled.

Again we hope that 2022 will be better and more what “normal” used to feel like.